The Elves

The High Elves

Growing up in the city of Silverymoon, Kade and Alora have been life-long friends though they have led very different lives until this point. Having been born the same year, they attended similar schooling, festivals and other events. Both Kade’s family and Alora’s grew to become good friends also. They both knew a wood elf named Mialee through their shared devotion to the moon goddess, Sehanine Moonbow. Mialee was a young attendant in an elven druidic order in the Glimmerwood a bit north of Silverymoon. They would all get together during moon festivals and religious holidays.

Kade’s family is a prominent merchant family running trade expeditions with neighboring areas whereas Alora’s was more scholarly, focusing on academia and magic while teaching at the University of Silverymoon. Kade’s father, Perevan (known as Van to outsiders), trained both Alora, Kade and Mialee on the preferred weapons of their people over the years. In reciprocation, Alora’s mother trained them both in the typical schooling of their people, which included the learning of magic cantrips.


Alora Portrait

For as long as she can remember, Alora loved magic and the mysteries of the world. While she was very skilled with shortswords and the longbow, understanding the fundamental building blocks of the universe was her passion. She would be excited when her father to take her to the University, where she could read about the Weave, spells, magical creatures and the like. She also liked reading for fun, particularly mystery and adventure stories. This led her to take a particular interest in the occult, but more on that later.

Making an unlikely pair, Alora and the wood elf druid Mialee really hit it off from an early age. They met when they took weapons training with Kade’s father. Alora loved to hear stories and Mialee would share her adventures in Glimmerwood. While they made trips to see each other during the year, Mialee always came to visit Alora during Yeartide and Winterfest. Being the longest night of the year, Yeartide was an important holiday for the followers of Sehanine Moonbow; every year the druids would send a delegation to officiate ceremonies and the like, Mialee was always a member of that group. While Yeartide was a somber day of reflection, the remaining 11 days of Winterfest would be a wild ride for the girls. Come Springtime every year Alora in turn would travel to Glimmerwood to celebrate Sprintrite with Mialee. In a way it made sense that Mialee would bring out the wild side of an otherwise studious Alora. These festivals though would have them capture the hearts or longing of elven young men, either wood or high elf. This would eventually lead to a problem with suitors.

Alora pursued her dream of becoming a mage. Her mother initially trained her but it made sense that she apprentice under someone outside the family. She was accepted by the mage Tiaheladar Rae’Rylinneldth. Unbeknownst most, Tiaheladar fancied himself a leader and had a particular fascination with the arch-devil Asmodeus. Tiaheladar created a secret cult in the service of the arch-devil in order to curry his favor. Sacrifices went unnoticed, he was smart about picking his victims. But when the scion of a prominent family went missing, it was Alora, by now well-versed in cults and forbidden knowledge, who figured out her mentor was behind it all. At great risk to herself and her family, Alora found it within herself to do the right thing and expose the villain. He swore to her the undying emnity of both himself and his master.

She had briefly met the bard that was mentoring Kade on the flute. She liked him.

When Kade’s family died in a fire, the three figured out it not the accidental fire that the authorities concluded it was. She vowed to help Kade find justice. She and Mialee (when she is visiting) have been supportive of Kade as he dealt with his loss.


Kade however felt the draw of the road and would pester his father to take him on his business trips. For those that Van would forbid him to come on, Kade would sneak into the wagons and stowaway. Kade would tell Alora of his adventures. Being locked up at home studying, Alora would live vicariously through Kade’s stories, asking so many questions about the different people he’d met and the places he had seen. Kade could not resist embellishing a bit at times. Sometimes she knew and sometimes she didn’t, but she never let on either way.

As his childhood faded, so did his interest in the family business though. While Kade loved his family, as he was nearing adulthood he could no longer stand the overprotective oppression of his father and the pressure to marry. He had taken an interest in the flute, learning how to play from friends, and would often sneak out at night to play in the street or in taverns. After one last very heated argument out of many before, he decided to leave home and strike out on his own.

As many who decide to leave their families in such dramatic ways, he learned life without family support can be very hard. What money he had ran out and he was too embarrassed to let his friends know of his condition, so he took to learning what he need to learn to survive. Kade developed friendships with other street urchins. In fact he was almost beaten to death by a small gang while protecting his friend after they were cornered when they accidentally wandered into the wrong part of town; he also refused to let them take his flute. He was saved by a charming human bard who was moved by Kade’s actions. The bard took Kade under his wing and for about a year would take Kade on his travels and showed him how to play his flute at a professional level.

At the end of that year, Kade received horrible news. His parents and siblings were killed in mysterious fire that consumed their home. Had he been there he would have surely met the same fate. He immediately rushed home and upon getting there for the first time, just broke down, fell on his knees, punched the floor, let out a soulful and pained yell and shed tears for what seemed hours. They took everything. He was forced to sell the family land to cover outstanding debts and to pay for funeral arrangements.

He was despondent for months but with Alora’s friendship and Mialee’s religious guidance, he got through it. The authorities ruled that the fire was an accident, but it didn’t make sense to the three. Though it was a long time, going back to the scene, pieces just didn’t make sense. How could they have been trapped in the fire? How was it that it spread too quickly to be contained? Sneaking onto the property, they got lucky found a mysterious object that was previously missed – a rod made of black iron that did not rust and was warm to the touch. Alora clearly saw it as a mage’s implement. Mialee recognized it as originating from the Plane of Elemental Chaos. Kade knew his family never traded in anything like this. With this and other clues, Alora deduced that it must have been wielded someone who burned the place down with magical fire and that the person must have been slain in the attack in order for them to lose their implement, which meant that there was more than one person or creature involved because there were no other bodies found. They tried to bring to the authorities but no one would listen. They were helpless now, but elven lives are long – the three friends vowed to find out who murdered Kade’s family and help Kade regain ownership of his family home.

During his time, Kade crafted some of the most soulful songs heard in recent memory. Life was hard. Many suffered tragedy in their lives. His songs gave beauty to their loss.

The Wood Elf


Mialee Portrait
  • Alora and Kade know Mialee from festivals for many years now. Alora and Mialee are besties. Kade would deliver letters back and forth as part of trading trips.
  • They all worship the moon goddess.
  • Mialee is given a divine mission for the goddess, explore the world and find her path.
  • Everyone has a reason to get out of dodge.
  • KalEl and Rynox come coincidentally at the right time looking for them. Must be divine intervention.


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