The Half-Orc


  • Half-orc father and half-orc mother. Mother was a blacksmith.
  • Knows Rynox and Mialee.
  • While KalEl was young, orc bandits raided his village, killing his father and enslaving him, his mother and his brothers. His mother would eventually die due to the cruelty of her condition. His brothers were traded away.
  • Rynox and KalEl met while they were both being hunted by orcs years ago – KalEl escaped from his masters and Rynox was at the wrong place at the wrong time. While initially distrustful of KalEl (a preteen at the time), Rynox grew to liking him as they saved each others lives and lots of close calls trying to escape the ordeal over 10 grueling days. Both vowed to become stronger and to become brothers in arms.
  • Not knowing to do with the kid, Rynox gets the innkeeper to take in KalEl. While at the inn, Rynox introduces KalEl to Pugg. At first Pugg was hesitant, but he felt both pity for KalEl’s condition and admiration for the inner strength Pugg could sense in him.
  • A few months later, charming bard offers to help KalEl get back to his tribe, with Rynox’s permission.
  • KalEl is forever grateful to the bard for returning him to his tribe. The bard tells him that he is meant to become a legend. Someday he will return. That KalEl needs to be ready. There KalEl trains. He will get strong. He will find his brothers. He will have his revenge.


KalEl was the middle child born to an unusual couple with unusual circumstances, two half-orcs, Dargo and Dreega, who married for love out of all things. KalEl grew up with his brothers, Dargo (Junior) and Joral, in a small barbarian village north of Silverymoon.


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