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01-02 - First Test

An Ambushy Thing Happened On The Way

Chapter 01 – Blingdenstone

02 – First Test

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Heading out.

The dawn of the second day arrives. The team meets the caravan at Hunter’s Gate, which is the entrance to the city of Silverymoon that goes directly to the market area. Everyone is geared up and ready to go. Mialee hands everyone a healing potion that she made for each of them, thanks to Brando getting her the valuable materials she needed.

It is a 3 wagon caravan with the lead wagon being covered. It is a group of 4 merchants with 4 guards. Two of the merchants brought a young boy each to assist them. The team is asked to ride inside the lead wagon as guests of the merchants. The guards will provide for their safety.

They head out to the Northdark. Alora mentions that Kade used to take trips there with her fath…she realizes it may be a difficult subject to bring up. Kade holds her hand, it is fine. He tells them that his family was killed in a fire and that he believes they were murdered. But his trips with his father to places like that Northdark were fond memories and shares a story or two with the group. He says proudly that his father’s willingness to trade with merchants in the Northdark helped him prosper; “You have to be willing to do what others won’t so that you can have what they can’t,” he would advise Kade.

Trip Interrupted…

Goblin Boss Zot decided that his group was getting restless. And when goblins get restless they start doing dumb things like challenging him for leadership. While thinking about what to do, his main enforcer bugbear, Nurb, said that maybe they should ambush a caravan, kill everyone and take their stuff. Zot then had a brilliant idea, “Let’s ambush a caravan, kill ’em, and take their stuff.” His boys got excited.

They arrived at a great spot by a bridge. “Here’s the plan. Nurb, you take these 5 and hide out on that side of the bridge, we’ll hide out on the other end. When the caravan gets on the bridge, we’ll jump them from both sides. That way they can’t run awayz! You got it!” Nurb nods.

As they wait, Nurb can’t believe how lucky they were. A lightly guarded caravan was coming by with just 4 guards. This was going to be easy. Unfortunately for Zot, Nurb gets a little too excited and gets his crew to attack before they cross the bridge. Now there are two things goblins are very good at – hiding and bushwhacking. They make short work on the two guards by the lead wagon before anyone knows what’s happening.

Globin Ambush Round 01

A Bit More Carnage

Zot yells out in Goblin, “NURB YOU IDIOT!!! YOU SUPPOSE TA WAIT!!!” He looks at his guys, “What are you dummies waiting for? An invitation! Run over there!” The goblins on the other side of the bridge run out to join the attack.

Nurb is in full bloodlust mode like the rest of his crew. If Zot said anything, he didn’t hear it. He and his goblins assault the two frightened merchants in the lead cart.

The heroes now realize what is going on and get their weapons ready as quickly as they can. Alora get a chance to cast Mage Armor on herself. Pugg blesses the group. Unfortunately for the merchants, the heroes are not ready in time to help. The merchants behind are frozen in fear, as are their guards.

01 02   globin ambush pt 02

Goblin Ambush Part 01

The goblins are overjoyed and in a frenzy as to how easy this ambush is turning out to be. The prey is falling under their maces and arrows. They dream of the riches from the haul and all of the Swords in hand, Kade kicks open the left door and runs through Gob 8, who was busy attacking a now dying merchant. The Gobs 5 and 6 and the Goblin Boss pause, looks like this isn’t going to be that easy, they wait to see what happens next.

Out the door comes out a big pissed off half-orc. KalEl cracks a bit of a smile as he sees that the biggest guy in the crowd is about to meet is axe. He jabs the bugbear hard with the head of his axe (+9 damage), the bugbear grimaces as he felt ribs crack.

The Goblin Boss opens his eyes wide and fire an arrow at the beastly half-orc, but he was too shocked and fires widely. He yells at the Goblins to take him out! Goblin 5 runs forward and fires an arrow that hits the barbarian, but only to find that the arrow falls to the ground not even piercing the skin! Goblin 6 attempts to shoot also but breaks his bow string. He throws a little tantrum and slams his bow to the ground.

Goblin 9 wants to see what’s going to happen on his side of the wagon. Before his eyes the wagon door swings open and he sees Gob 11 convulse and drop dead as lightning comes out of Alora’s elven hands when she touches the goblin with her Shocking Grasp.

Meanwhile, Goblin 4 rushes towards the barbarian and unleashes an arrow which misses. The bugbear answers the half-orc’s attack and is filled with pride as he lands his morningstar right on the center of the chest. His eyes open wide when he sees that KalEl hardly flinches (+10 dmg turns to only +5 damage because of barbarian rage damage resistance). Goblin 1 hangs back to stay at his boss’ side, he fires an arrow at KalEl and misses.

Lots of goblins and fighting up close, Rynox decides to take out his trusty handaxes and comes out swinging on the right door of the wagon. He decapitates Goblin 10. Goblin 3 runs up and fires a shot at Rynox and nicks him (+2 dmg).

While KalEl is fighting the bugbear, Mialee whips around from behind, with shield and shortsword in hand. She lets out a prayer and the area in front of her lights up in magenta, thanks to Faerie Fire. The bugbear and Gob 4 avoid the effects, but Goblins 5, 6, and 7 become enveloped in the magenta glow.

Puggter pops out of the wagon following Rynox. He needs for a moment and touches the fallen guard. He then rushes out of the wagon and charges Goblin 9 with his battleaxe. Unfortunately the little guy was too quick and gets out of the way.

Goblin 7 makes his way through the thick shrubbery and his mace lands squarely on the Mialee’s side (+4 dmg), she howls in pain. Lastly Goblin 2 rushs up and takes a swing at Pugg with his mace, which Pugg easily bats away with his axe.

HP → Alora = 7, Kade = 7, KalEl = 10, Mialee = 5, Pugg = 11, Rynox = 11.

01 02   globin ambush pt 03

Goblin Ambush pt 2

Hearing Mialee’s howl, Kade reacts with a protective instinct of a century-old friend. With some recklessness, he moves behind KalEl but not before the bugbear could take a swipe at him. Kade reflexively avoids the bugbear’s morningstar with ease. As he comes around Mialee he finds his mark – a goblin with a smile a mile wide winding up for another big hit on Mialee. That wind up is abruptly interrupted as Kade, with Moradin’s blessing, quickly twirls his shortsword and drives it through the goblin’s trapezius and into his rib cage. Before Goblin 7 could even let out a peep, Kade drives his other shortsword through the right side of his skull. As he pulls out his blades, the goblin drops like a rag doll.

The Goblin Boss cannot believe that this is happening. Sure Nurb screwed up again and started the attack early, but things were going so well! Where in the Hells did these people come from?! “Kill them all!!!” he yells as he fires an arrow at KalEl, but the barbarian’s scale armor does its job and deflects the arrow. He curses again in Goblinish.

Goblin 5 is angered that his buddy, Goblin 7, went out like a little bitch, to an elf no less! He rushes Kade with mace in hand and connects but Kade’s leather armor absorbs the blow. Goblin 6 rushes through the shrubbery to finish the job Goblin 7 started with Mialee. He swings and connects (+3 dmg), hitting her leg. She buckles but recovers.

KalEl can sense that the bugbear wants to finish off his friend druid. But as the bugbear gets a grin from seeing Mialee being set up for him to finish her, KalEl sees his opening. KalEl swings his axe around and drives it right into the chest of the bugbear. The smile turns into a scream, his last.

Goblin 9 takes a swipe at Pugg with his mace, Pugg effortlessly swipes his attacks away. Pugg yells out, “That’s all you got? You are the weakest goblins I’ve ever had to kill! And by Moradin, I have to!”

Alora is a mage. Mages don’t wear armor. And the only cover is this wagon. She’s never killed a goblin in her life. She only read about them or heard other elves talk about battling them. But she just killed one seconds ago. She’s excited. She wants to kill more! She sees that her lifelong friend Mialee is in trouble. She can see Goblin 6 through the wagon door, glowing magenta. She crouches down, draws her longbow at an angle since space is tight, and lets out a shot, saying “Have at thee base goblin!” Now normally this was not one of her better shots, however, she feels a divine hand correcting her aim just as she lets loose her arrow and it finds the left side of Goblin 6’s skull, going right through. She has a new respect for Moradin and his cleric.

Goblin 4 just saw Nurb the bugbear go down, he saw his buddy Goblin 5 take one to the head, but he seems that elven druid barely holding it together. “I can go in, take her out, and get out of here. I would have taken one of them out!” he thinks as he goes in for the kill. But Mialee is not dead yet, she summons her strength and swats away the goblin’s attack. Goblin 1 takes a shot at her, but the arrow flies wide to the right, into the shrubs that are providing her cover.

Rynox axe has tasted blood. The axe speaks to him. It is thirsty for more. His other axe is jealous of the first one. He likes to keep them happy. He advances next to his cousin. It’s the first time they were fighting someone to the death together. He liked having Pugg on his side. It felt right. His right axe cleaves Goblin 2’s head in half. It is happy. However, his left axe continues to go wanting, as Goblin 9’s armor saves him from that attack. Goblin 3 comes in to avenge Goblin 2 and misses pathetically. “You are right, Pugg! They do suck at this! Moradin’s will be done!”, Rynox says with a laugh.

Mialee knows her goddess is with her. She utters a quick prayer and the moon goddess heals her wounds completely. The goblins see that the elf looks like nothing happened to her and are starting to doubt they will make it out of this alive. Pugg briefly touches the fallen merchant. Pugg then summons the power of Moradin and commands Goblin 9, “Fall!” Goblin 9 thinks that makes perfect sense. He drops to the ground.

HP → Alora = 7, Kade = 7, KalEl = 10, Mialee = 9, Pugg = 11, Rynox = 11.

01 02   globin ambush pt 04

Goblin Ambush pt 3

Life in the hard streets have taught Kade that when your life or the life of those you care about are on the line, there’s no such thing as fighting dirty – there’s only fighting to win. Goblins 4 and 5 were on the wrong side of that fight today. The glow of the faerie fire beckons for their slaughter. They take their eyes off Kade for just a moment after seeing the monstrous half-orc fell the bugbear. Kade’s eyes turn white. That is all the opening he needed, with his right hand sword Kade stabs Goblin 4 in the neck. Goblin 5 quickly reacts and evades, but Kade feels a divine hand guiding his left blade through the goblin’s heart. “No slimy goblin touches my girls,” he mutters. He feels impressed with blessing that Moradin’s cleric conferred on him.

Goblin Boss Zot is furious! Out of frustration he fires an arrow at KalEl. It strikes the barbarian right in the arm. The arrow falls down. The barbarian does not even bleed. His eyes looks straight into those of the goblin. Anger gives way to the chill of complete fear, Zot is now certain that if he stays any longer this will be his last day. He turns tail and runs.

KalEl wastes no time. He is not letting that little bastard get away. But that little bastard kept his distance on purpose, he as a good head start. In his rage, KalEl wants to kill him so badly! He puts his axe away and draws his new longbow. He hits the Goblin boss in the back, but the goblin is still standing!

Alora sees that there are two goblins in the way and pauses a moment to allow the dwarves to finish their work. Goblin 9 shakes his head and wonders how he ended up on the ground. He quickly gets up. But it’s too late.

Goblin 1 is freaking out. His boss is taking off and running. The beast that killed Nurb is just a few feet away. He prepares to shoot his arrow, hoping to wound the monster in the leg so he can get away. His bow breaks. “FFUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKK ME!”, he runs with tears in his eyes. And puddle of pee forms beneath him.

So why is it too late for Goblin 9? Because Rynox axes slam down their weapons as he walks between them. As Rynox passes through, his axes find the backs of the necks of both Goblin 9 and Goblin 3. Pugg bats away Goblin 9’s flying head with his shield. Their bodies stand for a moment spurting blood in the air like gruesome fountains, and they drop to the ground. Rynox’s left axe is finally happy to have its thirst quenched. Pugg is a little disappointed his own axe goes wanting.

Just as the bodies drop, with such grace as if she were floating in air, Alora runs past the dwarves with her longbow in hand. She stands next to KalEl and exclaims, “Fall, foul goblin, for your reward is Justice this day!” However, she fires but she fails to line up the shot like she wanted. “Curses!” she mutters, a bit embarrassed. But suddenly a gust of wind blows over the bridge. That gust of wind, the hard step of his feet, his heart beating so fast, these are the last things Zot feels. The arrow lands squarely in the boss goblin’s skull. He drops face first to the ground. Alora jumps for joy. In that moment she forgets herself and hugs KalEl, bow in hand, despite the odor he is starting to build up. She actually finds herself thanking Moradin before she realizes what she’s doing.

Pugg heard that, as he appears next to Alora. “The friends of Moradin will find him generous with victory in battle, as will his enemies find him generous with his righteous anger!” With that Pugg yells in Dwarvish, points the holy symbol on his shield towards the very wet goblin as the goblin is burned by sacred flames. He screams and flails has he burns but he does not die. The arrow through the head does that. An arrow that Mialee also thought was going to miss. “Praise Moradin indeed,” she says softly as she looks intently at the goblin giving up the ghost, his body being consumed by the growing flames, as if he were a sacrifice to the Dwarven god.

01 02   globin ambush pt 05

Overwhelming Victory

After the Goblins are defeated, and before Alora can hug Pugg too, Pugg rushes over to the guard and the merchant on the other side of the caravan. Mialee dispells the faerie fire. Alora collects herself and says, “Sorry about that, brave KalEl.” KalEl blushes a little. She waves her hand and both she and KalEl have a pleasant perfume. KalEl is a little confused, he never smelled like perfume. He does not know if he likes it or not. Everyone goes to see what Pugg is doing. Rynox and Mialee though look around to see if more enemies are about. They don’t sense anything. The remaining people in the two carts behind run over and thank the group for saving their lives.

Pugg kneels to touch the guard. He stands and touches the merchant. The group notices that they are breathing again, as are the other guard and merchant. It turns out that they were dying, and had not passed on yet. “Moradin spared their lives,” Puggter states and he prays. When he is done, “Praise Moradin!” shout the merchants and guards.

Everyone takes a moment to catch their breath. “We need to move to a safer location,” Mialee says. Rynox nods in agreement. “We need to put the injured in the wagon then,” says Pugg. Rynox nods in agreement. “We need to check the bodies for clues,” says Alora. “Yeah, clues,” says Kade with a detectable sarcasm. KalEl nods in agreement with a smile.

Alora, Kade and KalEl look through the bodies and find pouches with silver and gold pieces, a couple of cheap ornamental gems, and 4 potions. Mialee, Pugg and Rynox help the injured into the wagon. They head out. Rynox and KalEl drive the horses of the wagon. Once they get a few miles out Rynox finds a good spot to rest. They set up camp and plan to rest through the day and night until the next morning. Pugg treats the wounded with Mialee’s help. Rynox leads Kade and KalEl on a hunt and they return with a dead boar. Alora identifies the potions as climbing potions. Mialee and Alora forage for berries and herbs.

That night, over dinner, the merchants offer the group 120 gold pieces in gratitude, this is clearly a big sacrifice for them but they realize that without the team’s help they would probably all be dead. The group asks for a moment to discuss. They have an informal vote. All except but Alora are in favor of accepting the money. She concedes and is in fact the one who graciously accepts the reward on behalf of the group.

The elves take turns watching as they do not require much rest. They do wake up partners amongst the others for short periods as they need more rest. The caravan continues its journey in the morning after some breakfast and other morning rituals.


Nice map editor Pedro. o

01-02 - First Test

Initiative order plz.

01-02 - First Test

Thanks Tim! Steve led by example here. :)

01-02 - First Test

I’m gonna continue to hack away at that bugbear. Can I go into rage? What are my actually moves? I don’t see them listed on the character sheet. Sorry if I’m a complete imbecile about the situation! Lol

01-02 - First Test

rynox in the house!

01-02 - First Test

I’ll keep hacking away at Gob 4

01-02 - First Test
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