Testing Sanity

01-06 - Undead Assault Trader's Grotto

Chapter 01 – Blingdenstone

06 – Undead Assault Trader’s Grotto

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Rush to Save the Infirmary

“You heard the gnome, haul ass to the infirmary!” Pugg exclaims and starts running. “Woooot! We get to kill some undead!” he cries. The party rally behinds Pugg and runs all out to the infirmary. The wood elves start getting ahead of the group and the dwarves start falling behind. “Stay together! We need to engage at full strength.” shouts Pugg. Those ahead look back and comply.

The group runs through Ruby in the Rough, where they see Burrow Warden Kargien yelling, trying to gather gnomes to repel the assault. “Please save them!” he cries as he sees the party run to the Trader’s Grotto.


The party arrives to find Jalless and some injured gnomes trying to reinforce a barricade against an opening in a crumbling wall in the north side of the cavern. The party requires only a brief moment to catch their breath. She tries to keep her cool but is clearly freaking out, “They broke through the barricade! They…they…We started running! Some of us got caught behind! Please save them!”

“How many are there?!” yells Kade. “I don’t…I don’t know!!! They are so many!” cries Jalless. Alora casts Mage Armor and False Life on herself. Kade readies his Mage Hand.

KalEl shouts, “Out of the way! Put the barricade back up after we go through! We will end these monsters!” KalEl moves the barricade out of the way and rushes through. The rest of the group follows. Pugg casts Bless on everyone while they run through. Jalless and the gnomes barricade the entryway again.

“Traako!” Kade curses under his breath. The group sees a number of zombies tearing apart the bodies of two dead gnomes as they feed on their flesh. While the zombies are engorging, skeletons advance on our heroes.


Zombie Assault pt. 01

Alora is first to act. She grabs her wand and points it at her Skeleton 1. “Strike true, comrades. Though we are outnumbered, that will only sweeten the songs of our victory!” She hits (17) the skeleton with her Ray of Frost (-6hp), which gets slowed by the ice forming over it. Ironically, it makes rattling noises with its teeth.

Years of religious training have taught Calidor much about the undead. Calidor yells, “Piercing attacks are weak against skeletons! Hit them with your hammers and clubs!” He runs towards the skeleton that Alora hit. In a bit of a reckless move, he jumps past Skeleton 1, which takes a swipe at him but misses. As he’s flying through the air, Calidor lands a solid flying double kick on both Skeleton 2 (14) and 1 (13), shattering them both (-16hp and -8hp).

“New guy, out of my way! I got your hammer right here!” KalEl as he charges Skeleton 3 with his massive maul, his eyes filled with great anger. He clenches his teeth, winds up and swings at the skeleton (16). The mighty blow launches the skeleton hi up on the cavern wall, where it hits with such force that it disintegrates, raining bone dust in that area (-32hp).

Pugg takes out his pair of light hammers and charges Skeleton 4. The skeleton left itself wide open. He takes advantage comes down on it with both the hammers (13, 11) over the shoulders, separating both its arms as he destroys its ribcage (-10hp, -8hp).

Mialee decides that with these numbers she’ll fight more defensively. She takes out her shield and wields her club as she follows Pugg’s charge. Like a finely tuned fighting team, she runs through the space just vacated by Pugg’s fallen foe and swings hard at Skeleton 6. It tries to defend itself, but she breaks through its arm and sends its skull flying in the air. Skeleton 5 rattles and attacks Mialee (1). But the druid is raises her wooden shield and pushes back hard. The skeleton’s rusted longsword shatters!

Kade takes out one of his empty sacks, which he had previously dreamt of having it filled with treasure. However, survival comes before loot. He quickly uses one of his daggers to cut out a long strip. With his amazing dexterity, he quickly wraps it around the head of one of his arrows. Finally, it pours oil on it from one of his oil flasks without getting any on himself.

Rynox follows after Pugg and Mialee. “Hands off the lady!” yells Rynox, as he attacks with his own massive maul to rival KalEl’s. He brings the hammer down on head of Skeleton 5, crushing it to nothing.

During this time, in the distance there is large group of zombies had started to shamble towards the group. The zombies closest to the party had been feasting on the remains of two deep gnomes with such a frenzy that they did not notice the fighting. That is until that skull that Mialee send flying up in the air hits one of them in the head. It quickly snaps its head up to see the group and starts hissing. With years of religious training of her own, Mialee’s eyes open wide as she realizes what that thing is. “That’s not a zombie! That’s a ghoul! Don’t let it touch you!” yells Mialee.


Zombie Assault pt. 02

Upon hearing Mialee’s warning, Alora moves up to bring the monster in range for her attack. A mystical glow surrounds her, roughly in the shape of some translucent armor plates over her body and shoulders – this is what her mage armor spell looks like. Her False Life spell makes her temporarily tougher, but ironically makes her look a bit sickly, as it is a necromantic spell. “Then I will slow the vile beast!” she exclaims. She points her wand at the ghoul and out comes the blue beam, a small cloud forming around it as the humidity in the air condenses. It strikes the ghoul (rolled 16) . The ghoul develops a layer of frost over it, which slows its movement but it seems only mildly phased (-2hp).

Calidor runs to Zombie 4. He hits it with a hard roundhouse kick to the head with his right leg (17), causing its head lean right with a cracking sound (-5hp). He then comes down wildly on the exposed neck with a chop using his right hand. It connects with another loud crack (rolled 5). Calidor can feel the neck bones turn to powder under his hand (-6hp). Zombie 4 crumples to the ground.

KalEl turns his angry eyes to Zombie 3. He rushes over, switching out his maul for his trusty great axe. He yells out a battle yell, “Haaaaaaaa” as he swings his axe overhead and brings it down on the zombie (9). He cleaves deep into its shoulder (-9hp). It tries to grab at KalEl but then falls lifeless to the ground.

Eyeing the ghoul, Pugg puts away his hammers and draws his handaxes. Pugg moves up but Zombie 6 is in the way. As the creature reaches out to Pugg, he brings down his right axe, severing the left forearm of the creature. Trying to capitalize on that wound, he takes a risky move and tries to bring his left axe around for a backhanded strike to the neck. It would have missed (3), but Moradin’s blessing guides his hand (+4!), driving the axe into its neck (-5hp). Normally this would end most foes, but to Pugg’s surprise, the monster still stands (saved 15 vs DC 11). Another zombie, Zombie 10, lunges suddenly at Pugg, but Pugg’s scale armor deflects the attack (7).

Mialee moves to Pugg’s left as she puts away her club to replace it with one of her shortswords. “Stay down!!!” she shouts at Zombie 6 as she runs it through with her sword (7). She pulls out her weapon and it finally drops to the ground (-4hp).

“Alora! Wait!” Kade yelled all too late as the mage advanced forward with a noble grace. He was too distracted by his work preparing his arrow. He moves up closer to her, “Alora, stay next to me!” he exclaims to her. He gives the arrow to his mage hand as he deftly summons his flint and firesteel to light the oil soaked head. He then draws his bow, grabs the arrow from the hand, loads the arrow and fires it over Pugg and Mialee at Zombie 7 (7), hitting it in the side (-5hp). The zombie starts to burn a little (-1hp).

Zombie 2 shambles up and tries to slam into KalEl (rolled 7), who stops it with his axe handle. Zombie 7, flaming arrow and all, drags itself over to face Puggter. He slams the dwarf hard (14), but mountain dwarves train to use armor better than anyone else; that training helps Puggter expertly use his armor to absorb the attack.

Ghoul 1, however, looks to press the attack on Pugg and moves up to engage the dwarf. It lunges with its claws. Puggter looks at it and grins, “I’ve been saving this for ya.” In an instant, a bright light flashes across the eyes of the ghoul (disadvantage on the attack). Unfortunately, it was still able to dig its claws into the dwarven cleric (rolled 14 and 13, kept 13), drawing blood (-3hp). If there was any effect to being touched by a ghoul, Puggter would not know it (rolled 20 save!), as it leaves him completely unaffected. The ghoul proceeds to try to bite Pugg (3), but the dwarf shoves his armored forearm into its mouth instead, “Your bite is no match for dwarven steel, abomination!” he yells.

Rynox seems the monster attack his cousin and grinds his teeth. “We’ll see about that…” he mutters to himself as he charges to the best opening he can see, between Calidor and Mialee. He trades his maul for his great axe. “You like to bite? Well, my axe wants a bite outta ya too!”. As he moves between the elves, he keeps the axe close and steps across the front of this body with his left foot. He spins on it putting his back to Mialee and puts his right foot down a bit past his hip, pointed at the ghoul. Using the momentum he built up, he brings his great axe around wide while twisting his hips, slamming it into the ghoul (rolled 13) with massive force, digging deep into it (-14hp)! The creature stops biting Pugg’s forearm. As Rynox pulls out his axe, the ghoul hisses at him with a convoluted face.

Zombie 8 shambles over to attack Pugg but misses wildly. Zombie 11 moves next to it, trying to make its way to attack Puggter. In the distance, another wave of undead zombies is making its way over to murder the party and feast on their flesh.


Zombie Assault pt. 03

Alora looks at Zombie 2 intently. “Forgive me, noble Kade. I cannot do as you ask. I have something I must do.” Kade watches with wide eyes as Alora lets out a war cry and charges. She puts her wand away and draws her short swords. She runs the first sword through the zombie’s head (13). The zombie suddenly pauses and begins to go limp (-9hp). However it revives (save 20!, +1hp), reaching out to Alora! “Creature! You will not deny me your end!” She drives her second short sword through its belly (11), the zombie once again pauses (-4). Finally she pulls out her sword, ripping its belly open and its guts spill onto the floor (save 1!) as it collapses. Putrid blood spills on her glowing armor. KalEl and Rynox cannot believe what they just saw. Calidor is unfazed.

“She never ceases to amaze.” Calidor says to himself, seizing the opening Alora created. He rushes through and circles around to engage the ghoul and his zombies from the rear. He punches hard the ghoul in the back near the wound opened by Rynox (advantage 13, 5) and causing insides to exit that wound (-4hp), dropping the monster. He then lands a spinning heel kick (advantage 8, 1) hard against the head zombie 7, snapping it (-6hp). The zombie falls (save 2).

KalEl frowns at Alora. He is angry. “Getting your hands dirty?” He punches his chest over his heart with his right hand twice, “Respect!" She does not move her head, but looks up to her left side intently at KalEl. Her chest heaving, she nods once sharply, accepting his compliment. His anger, though, is not for her. It is for the ghoul running at him. He yells as he charges it with his axe, “Raaaaaaaa!”. The barbarian swings wildly (3), but not even Moradin’s blessing is enough to help him strike true (+2).

Pugg now that his axes had tasted blood, Pugg wants his warhammer to taste some too. In his excitement he swings wildly (2), but Moradin’s blessing guides his hammer to the zombie’s torso (+4!). Bone cracking is heard under the hammer head (-7hp). In a humorous accent, Pugg yells to Rynox, “Cousin Rynox, would you be so kind as to rip that ghoul’s head off?” Rynox grins wickedly.

Zombie 15 attacks KalEl (19), slamming into the barbarian (-4hp), who growls. Zombie 18 tries to attack the barbarian but misses (5). Zombie 9 advances. Zombie 10 attacks Calidor (17), hitting the monk hard (-4hp).

Mialee sees her brother harmed and attacks Zombie 10 (7). She stabs the zombie through the chest and pulls back her blade but it still stands (-7hp).

Zombie 16 and Zombie 17 advance. Zombie 13 moves past Zombie 18 and attacks KalEl but his armor absorbs the blow (6). KalEl is beginning to get surrounded by the undead.

Kade wants to help KalEl. He thinks quick and decides he needs to help the others defeat their opponents first. He draws his bow and to fire at Zombie 10. To his surprise, his bow string snaps (rolled 1)! “Traako!” he whispers.

With KalEl surrounded, Zombie 5 advances on the group but cannot reach anyone. Ghoul 2 claws at KalEl (advantage 15, 8), cutting the barbarian (-5hp), who is now bleeding. He would also be paralyzed if not for Moradin’s blessing (save 7 + 3). The ghoul tries to bite the barbarian (advantage, 5, 11), but cannot get through his armor.

Rynox yells with wide eyes, “KalEl!!!” The dwarven fighter charges Zombie 16 and cuts it in half right down the middle (-15hp). Rynox is covered in putrid blood, his face red with anger.

HP Status

  • Alora = (7 + 6 temp) / 7
  • Calidor = 5 / 9
  • Kade = 7 / 7
  • KalEl = 7 / 14
  • Mialee = 9 / 9
  • Pugg = 7 / 10
  • Rynox = 13 / 13


Zombie Assault pt. 04

Alora shouts, “I will assist you, friend Puggter!” Pugg shouts back, “These are mine! Help KalEl! Calidor, wait until I take care of these bastards!” Alora sees Zombie 5 is in the way. It needs to go. With a dancer’s grace, she moves into a position that will allow her to defend Rynox’ flank and she drives her short swords into the zombie. The first strike connects (14) and so does the second (5). The zombie is left bleeding putrid black blood but it still stands (-4hp and -3hp). “Zombies! I loathe zombies! Disgusting creatures!” she exclaims in disgust.

KalEl sees that he’s surrounded by undead. He sees that this disgusting monster just made him bleed a lot. He’s so pissed. He’ll take care of the zombies soon enough. He’s going to end this fucking ghoul. He licks a wound. He hocks up a good amount of phlegm. He spits the bloody contents of his mouth in the face of the ghoul. As the ghoul hisses in response, he swings his axe down, spins in place while swinging the axe up, shouts “DIIIIIIIIIIIIEEE!!!” and brings it down on the ghoul with all the strength he can muster using the momentum he just built up (rolled 20!). Like his friend Rynox did to the zombie behind him, he splits the ghoul in half (-25hp!!) with black blood splashing on him and the zombies around the ghoul!

Calidor holds waiting for Pugg’s signal. Pugg knows what he must do. He moves down to get in position to do maximize his attack. Zombie 10 takes a swipe at him, but before it can attack a bright flash of light suddenly pops over his eyes (disadvantage rolled 4, 3 – keep 3) making it miss wildly. Pugg lets his hammer drop, but it hangs from his arm by its strap. He grabs his holy symbol from his neck. Put drapes it over his hands while he puts his thumbs together and fans out his fingers. He shouts a holy word in Dwarvish, “Burning Hands!”, and flames fly out from his hands in a 15 foot cone. Zombie 8 takes the full brunt of the flames and is instantly turned to ash (-13hp, dex save 7 vs DC 14 failed, con save 13 vs DC 18 failed). Zombie 10 and 11 are shockingly nimble and dodge the worst of the flames (Zombie 10 dex save 17 vs DC 14, Zombie 11 dex save 16 vs DC 14), but are still burned badly (-6hp each). Zombie 10 pauses but moves again despite its wounds (con save 15 vs DC 11, back to 1hp).

Calidor mutters, “Now that’s a signal!” He makes a quick decision. He moves around Zombie 10 until he is also facing Zombie 11. He strikes with his open right palm against the ribs of Zombie 10 (8). His ki energy disrupts damages the undead (-6hp, con save 5 vs DC 11 failed) and taking it out of the fight. He does a side kick with his left leg (19), but only does a glancing blow against Zombie 11 (-1hp), which is very heavy damaged. His plan works. “Sister, go now to your warrior friend!” he shouts at Mialee. He knows that only Mialee can now keep the barbarian alive.

The zombies surrounding KalEl begin to do what they do best, surround and overwhelm. Zombie 15 lunges at KalEl (advantage rolls 13, 1 – keep 13), but KalEl’s armor absorbs the attack. Zombie 18 strikes at KalEl (advantage rolls 16, 1 – keep 16) and nails Kalel, further opening his wounds (-4hp). One more hit might be the end of him. Zombie 9 slams onto the barbarian (advantage 11, 13 – keep 13) but KalEl’s armor absorbs the blow.

Heeding the words of her brother she looks onto KalEl. She cannot bear to see her friend about to lose his life battling these horrors. Using the swiftness wood elves are known for, she moves past Zombie 5 to get next to KalEl. Zombie 5 takes a swing at her (18) and connects against her back ribs solidly (-3hp). But the adrenaline is flowing through her system; she hardly feels it. As she moves next to KalEl, she lays her hand on him and prays to her goddess in Elvish, “Cure Wounds!” The goddess almost completely heals her friend and now brother-in-arms (+10hp). KalEl grins evilly, he can continue to feed his rage with dismemberment of his foes.

Zombie 17 attacks Rynox (5), but the dwarf easily deflects it with his axe handle. Zombie 13 thrashes his arms at KalEl (advantage 19, 13 – keep 19), knocking him hard (-4hp). While Rynox was distracted, Zombie 14 attacks him (rolled 20!) and hitting him squarely in the abdomen with a nasty blow (-10 hp!), Rynox coughs up blood for a quick moment.

His friends are getting their asses handed to them. His bowstring broke. Kade has had better days. It’s time to change things. It’s time to even the odds. Alora can handle her zombie. KalEl needs relief. He sees his opening. He moves quietly and swift at full speed up and to the left. Without saying a word, he charges Zombie 14 and runs it through its back (advantage on two attacks 19, 11 and 17, 1 – keep 19 and 17). Holding it in place with his left sword, he spreads his right to cut its way through the zombie flesh (-11hp) and then pulls out his left (-4hp); the zombie drops unable to withstand the viciousness of that attack (con save 11 vs DC 16 failed).

Zombie 19 does not feel pain. It only knows hunger. It attacks Alora and penetrates the mage’s defenses (19), but her False Life spell absorbs the damage (-5hp).

Rynox resists the urge to hew Zombie 17. He knows that to win this battle he needs to think about staying in the fight. He grabs the potion Mialee made for him and quaffs it. He feels a lot better (+7hp). Next round he’ll make his enemies feel a lot worse.

Zombie 19 charges at Kalel through the pocket left when the ghoul fell (5), but the barbarian bats away his attack. Zombie 20 hustles as well as a zombie can to end up next to Alora. Zombie 1 moves up to face Kade. Zombie 12 follows after Zombie 20. Rynox mutters, “Good, more killin’ ta do!” Finally, Zombie 11, though badly burned and looking more grotesque than before, tries to slam into Calidor (13), but the monk’s training helps him avoid a close call.

HP Status

  • Alora = (7 + 1 temp) / 7
  • Calidor = 5 / 9
  • Kade = 7 / 7
  • KalEl = 13 / 14
  • Mialee = 6 / 9
  • Pugg = 7 / 10
  • Rynox = 10 / 13


Zombie Assault pt. 05

Alora can’t believe what just happened to her. Her voice shakes as she says in a low voice, “You…you touched me…with those rotten disgusting hands…” Her lovely face becomes twisted in rage-filled disgust, she screams, “AAAAACK!” She stabs Zombie 5 (15), running her right hand blade through its heart (-8hp). The zombie pauses (con save 13 vs DC 13) and then continues reach out to her. “DIE YOU PUTRID FILTH!!!”, she swings her left sword wildly at the zombie and connects with its neck (rolled 20!), taking it’s head off (-10hp!) (con save 1 vs DC 15). She kicks the body away before it can spurt any more blood on her.

Calidor moves to protect Rynox’s flank. With a loud shout he summons his ki reserves and punches with blinding speed. He hits zombie 20 with one punch (13) to the body (-4hp). A hand chop connects (15), batting one of the zombie’s arms away (-1hp). That moves open him up for his final attack, where he hits the center of the chest with an open palm(15), bones break underneath (-7hp) and the zombie falls back (con save 6 vs DC 12), no longer moving.

With so many zombies still surrounding him, KalEl knows that they will keep having the advantage and he can’t wait for the others to handle it. With less zombies on one side, KalEl tries to remove yet another, he swings his axe at Zombie 9 (7), he connects with the abdomen of the creature and swings through (-14hp), separating it’s body from its hips (con save 6 vs DC 19).

After Alora dropped her zombie, Pugg mutters, “I wanted that one!”. He’s too far from the rest of the melee. The pile of bodies around him are starting to burn, both from Kade’s flaming arrow and from his own blast of Burning Hands. He steps between the flames to get closer to the combat. He looks back at Zombie 11, “I didn’t forget you, beautiful. May Moradin’s holy flame cleanse you!” He utters a quick prayer in Dwarvish while showing the holy symbol on his hammer, “Sacred Flame!”. The Zombie is engulfed in a radiant light (dex save 7 vs DC 14), the zombie flails (-6hp) and pops open (con save 1 vs DC 11), but only a minor explosion caused by gas in its body. It falls next to a burning body and starts burning also. “Looks like the Soul Forger cleaned you well!” He yells with a big grin. :)

Zombie 15 attacks KalEl while flanking him with Zombie 17 (advantage rolled 8, 17, keep 17), hitting the barbarian hard (-6hp) in the back as he exposed it while turning back to defend against the rest of his opponents. The blow reopens wounds and the half-orc is bleeding again. Zombie 18 presses its attack (13), but KalEl’s armor absorbs the blow.

Mialee takes a swing at zombie 17 with her short sword, but does so too wildly (2) missing by a mile. The zombie attacks her in return (15) and gets past her shield, hitting her in the ribs (-3hp). She starts coughing some blood. Zombie 13 smells blood and attacks the druid, but she bats away its attack with her shield (6).

Kade wants to help Mialee, but the best way to do that is for him to even out the odds for his team. He can do more damage to the distracted ones. He moves around zombie 1 and next to KalEl covering his flank. Before Zombie 19 could act, Kade swings at its neck (rolled 20!), removing it from its body (-20hp) (con save 10 vs DC 25). He tries to followup his attack with Zombie 15 (2), but misses.

Rynox looks at Zombie 17. “Ya made me friend bleed. Let me return da favah!” He swings his great axe (3), which should have missed if not for the guiding hand of Moradin (+4). The axe lands on its chest (-9hp), the zombie pauses (con save 12 vs DC 14) and drops to the ground as Rynox kicks it off his axe. He walks over the body to protect Mialee’s flank.

Zombie 12 attacks Calidor, (7) but the monk easily deflects it.

HP Status

  • Alora = (7 + 1 temp) / 7
  • Calidor = 5 / 9
  • Kade = 7 / 7
  • KalEl = 7 / 14
  • Mialee = 3 / 9
  • Pugg = 7 / 10
  • Rynox = 10 / 13


Zombie Assault pt. 06

Alora strikes at Zombie 1 (8) driving her blade deep into the zombie’s body (-8 hp). “Back to the evil depths from whence you came!” She drives her second blade into the zombie’s chest (18) (-5hp). The zombie shakes and stops moving (save 7 vs DC 9), she removes her blades and with blinding quickness flicks the undead ichor off them.

Calidor sees his sister in distress, he strikes out at the closest zombie, Zombie 12, with a jumping spinning heel kick (8) that almost takes its head off (-8 hp). He follows up with a punch to the face (9) but connects just a glancing blow (-2 hp). The zombie drops but gets up again (save 13 vs DC 7).

Kalel turns to attack Zombie 13 before it can try to lash out at Mialee. He slices the creature’s torso viciously (-8 hp), leaving a large gash but it not enough to take it down. He curses that he’s not strong enough yet. He thinks to himself that he needs to get stronger!

Zombie 12 and Zombie 13 still stand, but barely. With the instinct of a wolf pack leader, Pugg sees the easy pickings and moves to engage both of them with his hand axes. He attacks Zombie 12 (5) and with Moradin’s guidance (+1), his axe connects (-4 hp) with it’s abdomen. The zombie drops to the ground and does not get up (save 6 vs DC 9). Moradin again guides Pugg’s next strike (4 + 3), chopping off Zombie 13’s right leg with his left hand axe (-6 hp). Ichor spurts out of it’s leg, it slips, slamming face first into the ground (save 1 vs DC 11), no longer moving. “That’s team work, lads!” the dwarf says loudly with a grin.

Zombie 15 slams Kade (14) hard, causing him grunt in pain as he holds back a yell (-4 hp). Distracted by the attack on KalEl, Zombie 16 slams him (16), causing the barbarian to bleed again (-3 hp).

Mialee has a hard decision to make. She’s bleeding. Kade is bleeding. KalEl is bleeding. Her reserves are low. She can only heal one. She closes her eyes, calls upon the power of Sehanine Moonbow, and puts her hands on KalEl. In Elvish she prays loudly to her goddess, “Cure Wounds!” (+13 hp). She has hit her limit, she take a moment to restore her composure. KalEl feels fantastic.

Kade cannot abide getting touched, let alone injured, by such a disgusting creature. Like the wind, he slides in between the two remaining zombies. He strikes out (9) at Zombie 15. He removes its head (-10 hp, save 7 vs DC 15). He turns and attacks Zombie 18, connecting again (15). However this time he was only able to deliver a glancing blow (-3 hp).

Rynox moves to flank the remaining zombie with Kade. In his enthusiasm, he accidentally loses his footing on a zombie corpse and misses Zombie 18. He curses something horrific in Dwarvish. Pugg smirks.

b.HP Status

  • Alora = (7 + 1 temp) / 7
  • Calidor = 5 / 9
  • Kade = 3 / 7
  • KalEl = 14 / 14
  • Mialee = 3 / 9
  • Pugg = 7 / 10
  • Rynox = 10 / 13



Do I have all my spells memorized again Ped? If I do, I would like to cast (was it Ray of Frost?) on skeletons 1,2 & 3.


Zombies And ghouls, you sure know how to show us a good time! I feel spoiled!


I’m gonna hack and slash zombie #2 right next to me! Hasan Chop with the great axe! Wooooo


Im going to kill kill kill whoever is closest to me…


Alora is going to start swinging wildly at these disgusting abominations. She is completely revulsed that one of these undead even got to touch her. “AAAACCCCKKKK! DIE PUTRID FILTH!”

CountZyx CountZyx

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